I am Stacey Robinson (maiden name is Keating), a 36 year old woman, wife to Ben and Mum to our 2 beautiful ratbag kids Indie, 5 and Cooper 3. I have a love for all things health and fitness. I am uptight, passionate, determined, on the go and find it hard to relax!! I am grateful, happy and positive and strive for this everyday!

I worked in a pub for 10 years after leaving school. I met loads of people, studied massage, swimming instructing and business management! I worked as a massage therapist, taught swimming lessons and developed a swim school which has now been operating with 130+ kids for 10 years! I now have a good friend and manager running this for me! I did a Teaching Degree from 2009-2013.

At my heaviest I was 84kg. After seeing a photo of myself and growing into size 16 pants, feeling unhappy about my body – I slowly lost 16kg over 3 years sitting at a healthy 68kg. This changed my life, my confidence, my belief in myself and my relationships. I was inspired to help other ladies feel these changes too. I started my Certificate 4 and Diploma in Fitness in 2009 and later that year Stacey Keating Fitness was born!

As a 26 year old Uni student with a mortgage by myself I started running fitness classes for friends. It grew quickly from 1 class to 5 then 10. I gave up my safety net job at the pub, finished my Uni degree and focused ALL my energy on building my fitness business and doing what I love.  I’d found MY PASSION AND MY PURPOSE. Empowering, inspiring, motivating and educating women.

I met Ben when I was 28, got engaged at 30, sold my little house, built our dream home, pregnant with Indie at 31, married 6 months pregnant! Pregnant with Cooper at 32 and here we are! 2 babies later, maintained weight, kept my love of health and fitness and am more determined than ever!

4 months after Cooper was born the Online Program was born to share my ‘at home training’ post baby! This has been such a fun, rewarding and privileged experience working with loads of busy ladies to change their mindset, movement and nutrition to get the results and lifestyle they are wanting. I have taught myself to become a business woman!

I love time with my kids and husbo, we go camping lots (I don’t really like it but it’s good for us!!!), when time I love reading, friends, good food, time with my sister and all things fitness and health. My perfect day is a walk or early morning workout, coffee/juice with friends and the afternoon by the water with my little fam then a night in with a beautiful dinner and Ben.

I am happy, healthy, blessed and grateful. I am on a mission to empower, motivate, inspire and educate busy ladies to love what they see in the mirror, believe in themselves, walk tall with confidence, prioritise themselves in their own life, accept what they can’t change, change what they can with the knowledge I provide and united within a community and sense of belonging for every single woman with the belief in themselves to pursue what makes them happy!

Are you with me???!!!! I’d love to have you on my team!

Stacey xxx


(Jack of all trades)

Kathryn is a 43 year old Mum of 2, Olivia and Sienna. She is married to Andrew and moved to Ardrossan in 2011. Kathryn was a member of our team with fabulous results from her commitment to training, nutrition and classes. This ignited a desire to acquire her qualification in Fitness to assist others to make a change in their lifestyle. Kathryn is a registered nurse and is passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

In 2014 Kathryn joined our team as a TRAINER! Competently and confidently transitioning from the trained to the trainer. She understands our girls needs, limitations, goals and lifestyles. Kathryn is forever loyal, committed, reliable and personable. She has a level of care and understanding combined with a ‘get on with it’ positive attitude which makes her sessions fun, out of the square and always interesting. Kathryn took over all classes while I was on maternity leave with both kids and I’m forever grateful for the positivity, enthusiasm, understanding and fun she brings to our team.

With 2 jobs as a nurse and retail assistant at Bella Yorke Kathryn has very little time for hobbies but enjoys gardening, socialising and relaxing with friends and reading if lucky enough to get any down time!

Kathryn’s fun sessions and belief in our girls is a huge asset to our team!


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