At Home Program


The 10 WEEK AT HOME PROGRAM is designed to be quick and convenient with many options to suit the busy woman! The AT HOME PROGRAM includes access to all classes on our timetbale via zoom and access to our Members facebook page where we upload daily workouts to do in your own time. So you can choose live via zoom with us or 20 minute circuits from home or a combination of both. All of these options are covered in your membership! We upload the replays from the zooms to our group. This program is designed for busy women who need support, accountability, community and who don’t want to spend the whole week killing themselves training! My ladies get fantastic results over the 10 weeks!


 Access to the 8 classes on our timetable via zoom or face to face plus recordings

 3 x 15-20 minute circuits uploaded EVERY WEEK to our group just hit play and follow me like I’m in your living room!

✨ Weekly PILATES class also recorded for those who cannot make the class time.

 Weekly check in. Each Sunday / Monday send through your check in keeping you accountable!

✨ 10 week Meal Plan and Recipes

 Private FACEBOOK group full of support from other members, myself and plenty of inspiration, love and support!


Women reach out and ask for help when we are at breaking point. For some, it’s looking in the mirror thinking, I need to do something about this. For others, it’s back pain that prohibits them from functional activity. For others, it’s the desperation to fit into a dress / outfit for an occasion. How do I know this…… because I have been overweight too.

I have been 20kg heavier than I am currently, I have been through 2 pregnancies, 2 births and 2 post natal bodies! I have the same obstacles as you; time poor, putting everyone else first, struggling with self love and where to fit exercise in!

There are many online programs, but I’ve never come across one that CHECKS IN on every clients every week. THIS IS MY POINT OF DIFFERENCE. This is why my ladies follow it through. I am your accountability and your biggest fan!

My WHY for you:

♥ To have you feeling CONFIDENT
♥ To have you feeling sexy and comfortable naked in front of your partner!!!!
♥ To have you jumping with joy when THE DRESS FITS!!
♥ To have you sliding down slippery dips and swinging on swings with your kids
♥ To have you look in the mirror and FEEL PROUD
♥ To have you with so much CONFIDENCE you do things you’ve always wanted to do
♥ To have you FEELING STRONG, EMPOWERED and INSPIRED to live your best life.
♥ To have you FEELING WORTHY
♥ To have you putting YOURSELF at the top of your priority list.

If you are ready for results, ready to FEEL comfortable and confident in your own skin, LETS DO THIS – TOGETHER.

These 10 weeks can be life changing, if you want them to be!

I look forward to our first workout together!!

Stacey x

next at home program starts 18th January 2021!

Term 1 Memberships – Zoom & At Home

12 Weeks – Commencing 18th January 2021

Sample one of my online workout videos!

Please join in and see how easy it is to workout consistently at home.  You’ve got this!